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Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door™ Wall Extension Tunnel


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Additional tunnel for the Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door™ (new model). Install your door in a wall more than 7¼ thick with this additional tunnel extension. The tunnel overlaps the pet door frame by 1 inch and fits walls 8¼ - 12 inches thick for the medium and large tunnel or 8¼ - 10¾ inches for the small tunnel. You can also cut the tunnel shorter if you need to install it in walls 7¼ - 8¼ thick.

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  • Compatible with the Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door new model (PPA11-10915, PPA11-10916, PPA11-10917)

More Information

This extension tunnel is compatible with newer models of the Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door. If you have an older model of the Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door or you're not sure which model you have, contact Customer Care to order a compatible wall extension tunnel.

The new model Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door uses the Freedom Replacement Flap. The old model uses the Classic Replacement Flap. If you're not sure which version door you have, compare your door to the picture below. On the new model door:

  • The flap is secured with 3, 4, or 5 screws at the top of the flap frame.
  • The inner white frame is flat and nearly flush with the main brown frame, with no major grooves.
  • The bottom of the flap has a thin, black weather sweep without ridges.

Caution: Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.