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Teach & Treat Remote Reward Trainer

SKU# PDT00-17709

$189.95 USD

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Timing and consistency are critical in helping your dog learn. The Teach & Treat Remote Reward Trainer is a great tool for helping dogs learn because it allows pet parents to quickly reward their dogs when they get the behaviors they want to see. Use Teach & Treat to develop the behaviors you want from your dog, like sitting, keeping calm, and responding to verbal commands.

With the press of a button on your remote control, Teach & Treat will dispense kibble or premium treats from up to 30 yards away. It’s ideal for dogs of all ages and humans who want to have a hands-on role in training their dogs. Everything you need to teach your dog to sit, stay, and more comes with the Teach & Treat. You’ll gain access to tutorial videos led by a certified trainer who will walk you through every step of the way, ensuring you get the most out of your training sessions.

Your Teach & Treat system comes with a dispenser, remote, and a target for your dog to run to. The unit is lightweight and portable, transforming every room of your house into a classroom where your dog can learn new skills or sharpen old ones. You can even place it on top of your dog’s crate so you can drop treats in when he is behaving in his own space! The unit is powered by 4 D batteries and treats are dispensed with a quiet motor, allowing your dog to focus on the positive reinforcement the Teach & Treat will give them.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Remotely reinforce your dog’s good behavior the moment it happens
  • Dispense kibble or treats from up to 30 yards away with remote control
  • Tutorials led by a certified trainer help you get the most out of your Teach & Treat training sessions
  • Lightweight and portable so you can enforce good manners around the house
  • Perfect for teaching dogs of all ages new skills or practicing existing ones

System Includes

  • Teach & Treat unit
  • Remote control
  • Collapsible target
  • 2 treat dispensing discs
  • Quick Start Guide

Teaching Your Dog Better Behavior

Positive reinforcement leads to positive behavior. The Teach & Treat adds structure to dog training sessions, leaving more room for engaging your dog and rewarding his household manners. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your training sessions:

  • Train 1 dog at a time
  • Train when your dog is hungry, even replacing their mealtime with a training session
  • Hand feed your dog until he is comfortable eating from the Teach & Treat