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SSSCAT® Spray Pet Deterrent

SKU# PPD00-16168

$42.95 USD

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We understand that kitchen counters look like a great napping spot to your cat, and the trash can is sometimes a little too tempting for your dog to resist. With the SSSCAT® Spray Pet Deterrent, you can safely and effectively teach your pets which areas of the house are off-limits.

This dog and cat spray deterrent has an adjustable motion sensor that monitors movement up to 3 feet away. So, if your cat, Luna, hops up on the counter, the SSSCAT® Spray Pet Deterrent will release a safe, harmless burst of spray that will startle her and encourage her to stay off the countertops.

This pet proofing spray comes with 1 can of unscented spray that contains about 80-100 bursts of spray. When the can is empty, simply purchase a SSSCAT® Replacement Can. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Safely teach your pet which areas around the house are off-limits
  • Dog and cat spray deterrent is motion activated when within 3 ft
  • Adjustable spray and motion sensor settings
  • Odorless spray doesn’t leave any stains or residue
  • Spray deterrent can holds approximately 80-100 bursts of spray
  • When spray can is empty, simply purchase another SSSCAT® Replacement Can
  • Battery operated motion sensor requires 4 AAA batteries, not included

System Includes

  • SSSCAT® Spray Pet Deterrent
  • 1 can of unscented spray
  • Product manual