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Grip 'n' Tug Squeak Replacement Tug


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The PetSafe Grip ‘n Tug Squeak Replacement Tug is a fun addition to your dog’s favorite toys. This durable tug toy can be used as a stand-alone tug toy or as a replacement for the PetSafe Grip ‘n Tug. The squeak replacement tug is made from the same cotton/polyester blend material used to cover fire hoses making it a great choice for medium to tough chewers. The Squeak Replacement Tug has two padded pockets that each contain a resilient squeaker that is self-sealing if punctured. When your pet plays with the tug, the squeak sound gives your dog feedback he can hear and helps satisfy his natural prey drive. When the Squeak Replacement Tug is dirty, clean it in your washing machine and line dry.


  • The Squeak Replacement Tug can be used by itself or as a replacement for the PetSafe Grip ‘n Tug toy
  • Cotton/polyester blend “firehose” material is durable and holds up to medium-tough chewers
  • Tug toy has two thickly padded pockets, each containing a resilient, self-sealing squeaker
  • Each Squeak Replacement Tug measures about 20 in. in length