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SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door Replacement Flap


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Your SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door flap is built to endure strong storms and even stronger tail-thwacks. But if your pet door’s flap is starting to show signs of wear, it might be time to get a SmartDoor Replacement Flap.

Swapping out your SmartDoor’s flap is an easy DIY project that only requires a screwdriver and less than half an hour of your day. The durable, weatherproof flap has a magnetic closure so you can rest assured that your pet will always close the door. With dynamic weather sealing and a multi-point locking mechanism, this keeps weather and unwanted visitors where they belong – outside. Your door’s flap is tinted and textured for privacy too, keeping those curious neighborhood critters out of your business.

These replacement flaps are available in Medium and Large and must match the current size of your SmartDoor. This product is only compatible with the app-enabled SmartDoor Connected Pet Door.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Made of durable, weatherproof plastic
  • Magnetic closure ensures your pet door always swings shut
  • Dynamic weather sealing and multi-point locking mechanism
  • Easy DIY project that only requires a screwdriver
  • Tinted for privacy
  • Medium flaps compatible with Medium SmartDoor (ZPA19-17252, PPA00-17254 and PPA19-17256)
  • Large flaps compatible with Large SmartDoor (ZPA19-17253, PPA00-17255 and PPA19-17257)

More Information

To identify which size flap is best for you, determine the number of screws at the top of your current SmartDoor Connected Pet Door flap:

  • Medium flaps have 4 screws
  • Large flaps have 6 screws