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SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door Installation Adaptor


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If you’re installing a SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door in metal, glass, or a wall, then you’ll need this SmartDoor Installation Adaptor.

The adaptor minimizes the interference that may occur between a metal door, your pet’s door key and the sensor that gives them access through the SmartDoor. This installation adaptor will help secure your new pet door in a safe manner by giving you something to screw into. Some installation locations require additional PetSafe® accessories or professional help.

The installation adaptor comes in two sizes, Medium and Large, and must match the size of your existing SmartDoor. Please note that only the Medium SmartDoor can be installed in glass. Consult a glazier for glass installations. This product is only compatible with the app-enabled SmartDoor Connected Pet Door.

Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • This installation adaptor is compatible with the SmartDoor™ Connected Pet Door
  • If you are installing your SmartDoor in a glass door, metal door or in a wall, use this adaptor to secure your pet door in place
  • Simply attach the adaptor to the interior and exterior of your SmartDoor frame during installation
  • Available in sizes Medium and Large
  • Medium adaptor compatible with Medium SmartDoor (ZPA19-17252, PPA00-17254, PPA19-17256)
  • Large adaptor compatible with Large SmartDoor (ZPA19-17253, PPA00-17255, PPA19-17257)

System Includes

  • 2 installation adaptor frames (interior and exterior)
  • Spacer foam
  • Installation hardware
  • Cutting template
  • Installation Instruction Guide