Simply Clean® Automatic Litter Box


Product Review: Worst cat box ever

Review by Diana R. (submitted on August 22, 2017):

I was very disappointed in this cat box. I tried at least 3 different clumping litters and they all turn into a gooy mess at the bottom of the conveyer causing it to jam up and spill litter over the edge of the box causing the wheel that moves the bowl to stop working . I've had it several months trying to get it to work, so long that I can no longer return it to tbe place I purchased it from. Your customer service is horrible advised me to get a second box because I have 4 cats. As if i eould spend another $100.00 for this defective box. The amount of cat waste is not the reason it gums up it is the defective design.


Hello, Diana! Thank you for taking the time to review our Simply Clean® Automatic Litter Box. We do apologize that is seems the waste has not been traveling up the conveyor correctly. It is worth noting that this box is indeed recommended for a maximum of two cats. Please note though, your Simply Clean does include a one year warranty. Also, there may be some troubleshooting we can recommend specific to your situation. If possible, please give us a call at 1-866-738-4379, and we'll be happy to help!