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ScoopFree® Sensitive Crystal Litter, 2-Pack

SKU# ZAC60-16108

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The ScoopFree® Sensitive Crystal Litter 2-Pack comes with two pre-portioned bags of premium crystal cat litter that is completely free of all perfumes and dyes, making it perfect for sensitive cats (and their people).

Crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste for 5 times better odor control than clumping clay litters. Use this litter to refill any litter box or ScoopFree® Reusable Litter Tray. Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Fragrance free cat litter
  • Works with any litter box or ScoopFree® Reusable Litter Tray
  • Premium PetSafe® crystal litter is low-tracking and 99% dust-free
  • Includes 2 pre-portioned bags (each bag weighs 4.3 lb)
  • Unbeatable odor control

System Includes

  • 2 Pre-Portioned Bags of Crystal Litter (4.3 lb each)