ScoopFree® Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Product Review: Toxic fumes, huge mess, and hurting feet

Review by Amber (submitted on April 19, 2017):

I am now on my second tray refill. The first refill was simply a huge mess after a short time as I did as the manual that came with the product suggested and mixed some of the "old" litter in with the new litter. I would strongly recommend against doing this! After my cat finally got adjusted to the new litter box I switched to a new litter tray. The manual indicates that if you have one cat that each litter tray should last 3-4 weeks. I have one male cat who stays well hydrated so I did not expect this to last 3-4 weeks. I anticipated more like 2-3 weeks. One morning after about 1.5 weeks I woke up to the worst smell I have ever smelled. I truly smelled like something toxic. When I began investigating I saw that the litter box was not doing much of anything. My cat has a tendency to urinate in the same spot in the litter box. As a result the litter was not absorbing his urine even though I was occasionally stirring the litter up. I have no clue what I was actually smelling but when I started moving the litter around hoping that it would absorb the litter, no chance of that happening. I only discovered how bad this stuff smells. The box itself was wet. This was a mess worse then a regular litter box to clean up! In addition to all of this the thing that first had me really not liking this litter system was the litter itself. It is not quite like stepping on Lego's but close to it. The ONLY thing I like about this box is that my cat does not seem to manage to throw the litter out of the box. Just means I need to get a litter box that is a little taller and bigger then what I have been using.


Thank you for taking the time to review the ScoopFree Original Litter Box. We can understand how it would be frustrating to have a stinky litter box for sure! You may find it helpful to know that the crystal litter life is very much impacted by it's location. If there is moisture in the air (laundry room, bathroom, basement), the crystals may absorb moisture from the air which can reduce the overall life of the crystals. We will reach out to you privately for further assistance!