ScoopFree® Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Product Review: Litterbox stopped working

Review by Joseph (submitted on January 31, 2017):

WE bought this product after Thanksgiving 2016 at our local Petsmart where we also adopted our cat at the store as well. Today, I noticed the litterbox wasnt raked and the light was not on (and not blinking as well). I attempted to press the button, unplugged item and plugged back on and the light did not come on nor did the rake operate. This is after approximately 2 months of use for a fairly small cat. Lesson learned is to immediately registry for the warranty and save the receipt. I apparently didnt save the receipt and now stuck with a broken litterbox with plenty of littertrays.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out and let us know that this has happened! Please know that this system is backed by a 1 year warranty and we want to offer troubleshooting to you as well as a fair solution. We will be reaching out to you privately so that we can ensure that you have a working litter box for your new kitty!