ScoopFree Sensitive Crystal Litter Tray - 1-Pack

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I was very disappointed.
A complete downgrade from the color crystals.
1) You don't get a cover for final disposal. Instead you get a plastic bag which, while big enough to fit the box, isn't big enough to seal the contents in. Also it is harder to put it in the bag than just put on the over which you get with the colored crystals.
2) From my limited experience with the white crystals, within a short time most of the crystals moved under the fecal compartment leaving not enough litter for urination. Never had that problem with the colored crystals.
3) The flap that covers the fecal matter is no longer built in. You have to put it on using a velcro system which seems like it might come apart (although it hasn't come apart yet).
4) Seems to smell more than the colored crystals.
I'm switching back to the other system. Unfortunately I bought 6, so I am stuck with these for awhile.


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