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Replacement High-Traction Tread for the CozyUp™ Folding Pet Steps

SKU# ZAC00-17093

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Keep your best friend steady on his paws with PetSafe® Replacement High-Traction Tread for the CozyUp™ Folding Pet Steps. If your current fabric covers are showing signs of wear and tear, these high-traction treads will allow your dog to continue safely using the folding pet steps. To use, simply remove the existing fabric covers on your pet steps and attach the high-traction treads. The treads have adhesive on the backs to help them stay in place. PetSafe® brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together™.


  • Easy to Replace - Simply remove your current fabric covers and replace them with high-traction treads; adhesive on the back of the treads allows for easy application
  • No Slipping - High-traction treads help your best friend have sure and steady footing when getting on and off furniture
  • Color - Available in black
  • Compatible Pet Steps - These high-traction treads are compatible with the PetSafe® CozyUp™ Folding Pet Steps