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Plastic Doors Hardware & Core Cover Kit

SKU# MPA00-12810

$9.95 USD

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The Plastic Doors Hardware & Core Cover Kit includes additional core covers, screws and nuts for your dog or cat’s PetSafe® Plastic Pet Door.

Core covers provide extra insulation when your pet door is installed into a wall with an extension tunnel. This kit comes with enough replacement screws to fit the small, medium and large size Plastic Pet Door. If you have the extra-large size, you will need to purchase 2 of these accessory kits so you’ll have enough hardware. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Compatible with the PetSafe® Plastic Pet Door
  • Core covers provide extra insulation
  • Screws and nuts help keep your pet door in place

More Information

What Size Pet Door Do I Have? 

To determine which size pet door you have at home, take a look at your pet door. Count the screws that are holding the flap to the pet door frame to determine which size door you have.

  • 3 screws = size small  
  • 4 screws = size medium  
  • 5 screws = size large 
  • 6 screws = size extra large

Please note that if you have the extra-large size pet door at home you will need to purchase 2 of these accessory kits so you will have enough hardware for your pet door.