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Piddle Place™ Connector

SKU# PAC00-16289

$19.99 USD

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The PetSafe Piddle Place Dog Potty Connector is designed with your large pup in mind. Use the connector to secure two Piddle Place Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potties together. The kit includes one rubber connector bar and eight silicone feet, providing a larger, non-slip bathroom area for large or multiple dogs. The trimmable connector bar allows for connection at the shorter sides of the Piddle Place for areas with less space, and the eight "non-skid" feet easily attach to the bottom of the Piddle Place units so that they won't slide apart.


  • Twice as much potty space: Great potty solution for pet parents with large or multiple dogs who need an alternative to pee pads
  • No-slip grip: Kit includes eight silicone feet to prevent the Piddle Place Dog Potty from sliding on slippery floor surfaces
  • Easy to use: The connector bar easily pops in between two Piddle Place potties and can be quickly removed whenever you need to clean or empty the units
  • Customizable for best use of space: Trimmable rubber connector bar allows you to choose your connection point
  • Compatible with Piddle Place Indoor/Outdoor Pet Potty (PWM00-15906, ZWM00-15907, ZWM00-15912)