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Pet Travel

Travel Gear for Your Dog 

Wherever today’s road trip takes you, we’ve got the safe travel gear your pet needs.

Choose from safety tethers, crash-tested harnesses or backseat booster seats so you can keep furry distractions out of the front seat while you’re driving.

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45 Item(s)

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Car Seats for Dogs

Car seats for dogs are a great option when you go for car rides with your best friend. Doggie car seats give your dog a safe and comfy place to sit, whether you're driving to the dog park or going on a weekend road trip.

Here are some of our top dog car seat picks for your travel adventure:

  • TheHappy Ride® Booster Seat gives your dog a boost, so he always has a prime window seat view. This dog car seat comes with a safety tether that attaches to your dog's car safety harness, so he's secure during every ride. This dog booster seat comes in 3 sizes to support dogs up to 25 pounds.
  • If you're looking for aslightly bigger pet car seat, the Happy Ride® Dog Safety Seat will give your pup the space they need. This dog car seat has a 9-inch high-raised platform so both small and medium-sized dogs can see out the window and sniff the wind.
  • Give your dog the coziest seat in the car with theHappy Ride® Car Dog Bed. Use your dog's safety harness with the car dog bed to give them a comfy and secure place to nap on your next car ride.

Car Ramps for Dogs

Car ramps for dogs are perfect for small dogs, large dogs, senior dogs, and dogs recovering from an injury or who have arthritis. Doggie ramps for cars are a great way to give your best friend the boost they need so they can continue enjoying car rides with their favorite humans. If you drive a larger, taller vehicle, the Happy Ride® Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp extends up to 87 inches long to help your dog get in and out of even the tallest trucks.

Dog Car Seat Covers

Dog car seat covers will help protect car seats from dog hair, drool and muddy pet paws. Choose from different style bench seat covers and bucket seat covers to customize the fit for your car. Most pet covers will fit car, truck and SUV seats. If you're looking for a car pet seat cover that's multi-purpose, our dog hammock seat covers also help prevent your dog from distracting you in the front seat while you're driving.

What is the best dog seat cover?

The best dog seat cover depends on which seat cover will best fit your car and your lifestyle. Choose from hammock dog seat covers, bench seat covers, and bucket seat covers. We also have bench seat covers available in an extra-wide length for cars with extra-long back row seats.

Can you wash dog seat covers?

Yes, you can wash dog seat covers, and PetSafe® dog seat covers are machine washable. Read the care instructions before cleaning.