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Panel Pet Door Insert™


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Practically perfect in every way — for paneled doors, that is. The Panel Pet Door Insert™ easily installs into paneled human doors to let your pet go outside for potty breaks on their own.

The size and style of this pet door allow you to use the Panel Pet Door Insert™ as a replacement dog door to cover up a preexisting cutout in your human door or hide a small cutting error (because accidents happen). This pet door also blends in nicely with your human panel door since you won’t have to cut between panels to install the pet door.

With 2 different rise options, you can adjust the height of the pet door to fit your dog’s size best. Meanwhile, the pet door’s paintable surface lets you personalize it to match your style.

The pet door material is weatherproof to withstand hot and cold temperatures without cracking. Magnets on the 2 flexible, replaceable vinyl flaps adjust for consistent closure preventing fewer drafts and weather from coming indoors.

When it’s bedtime, and you want your dog to stay inside, use the snap-on closing panel as a dog door cover to keep your pet from going outside until morning. Your dog deserves the best pet door for his next backyard adventure. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Easily installs in paneled human doors
  • Perfect pet door to cover up old pet door cutouts
  • Weatherproof material is waterproof and resists hot and cold temperatures
  • Paintable pet door frame
  • Includes 2 flexible, replaceable vinyl flaps with adjustable magnets help limit drafts  
  • Snap-on closing panel allows you to choose when pets have access
  • 2 height options based on the size of your dog, 8 in and 10 1/2 in

More Information

The Panel Pet Door Insert™ fits most 2’ 8", 2’ 10" and 3’ 0" doors with basic 2-panel, 4-panel, 6-panel designs. You can also use this pet door with flat, metal, fiberglass, wood or glass top doors. Visit our support site to learn more about how to install the Panel Pet Door Insert™.

System Includes

  • Interior and exterior panel inserts
  • 2 flexible vinyl flaps
  • 2 bottom magnets
  • 1 snap-on closing panel
  • 2 adjustable hinge plates
  • Dual-flap mount with t-grooves
  • Interior cover plate
  • Exterior cover plate
  • Bottom mount with t-grooves
  • 10 M3.5 X 1.3 X 10 BT screws
  • 20 M3.5 X 1.3 X 16 BT screws
  • 25 M3.5 X 1.3 X 20 BT screws
  • 40 finishing plugs
  • Installation guide

Door Sizing Chart

Pet Size Flap Opening Cut Out Rise Options
Up to 100 pounds 10 1/8" x 16 1/2" 23" x 26 1/4" 8" or 10 1/2"

Caution: Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.