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Microchip Cat Door

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The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Door is the perfect solution for giving your cat freedom to come and go while keeping unwanted friends outside. The door reads your cat’s unique 15-digit microchip ID, and only allows access to the programmed pet – no more raccoons or stray animals in the kitchen. The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Door can program up to 40 pet identities, great for multi-pet households. The manual 4-way lock feature allows you to control your cat’s access, allowing you to lock it at night to keep your kitty safe inside. This door is powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries and has an estimated 12 month battery life. The low battery indicator light will flash red when it’s time to change batteries. The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Door will help give you peace of mind while letting your cat come and go freely.

Microchip Compatibility Checker

PetSafe® microchip-enabled products will only work if your cat has been fitted with a microchip.

At present, some older and non-standard microchips may not work with our products. You can check to see if your pet's embedded microchip will work by entering the microchip number in the box below and clicking the "check" button.

You will find your pet’s microchip number on your microchip registration form which will have been issued to you by your veterinarian.

Please note that microchip numbers with 10 digits, letters, and those starting with 977xxxxxxxxxxxx and 98514xxxxxxxxxx are not currently compatible with our microchip-enabled products.


  • Selective Entry – Uses RFID to read your cat’s microchip, allowing your cat access without letting in stray animals—learns up to 40 identities; programmable collar keys are sold separately for cats without microchips
  • Microchip Compatibility – Works with 15-digit microchip numbers; if unsure of your pet’s microchip number, you can ask your veterinarian or local animal rescue
  • Versatile Installation – Out of the box installation into wood, PVC and uPVC; metal, glass, brick and wall installation will require additional accessories (sold separately)
  • Energy Efficient – Weather stripping and two magnetic locking points increase insulation and help keep out drafts
  • Manual Lock – The 4-way manual lock allows you to control access of your programmed cats; set the lock to ‘In or Out’, ‘In Only’, ‘Out Only’ or ‘Fully Locked’
  • Battery Powered – Uses 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (not included); estimated battery life up to 12 months depending on use
  • Low Battery Indicator – Light flashes red when batteries are low and indicates batteries will need to be replaced soon
  • 4-way lock: in only, out only, open, and locked

Door Sizing Chart

Caution: Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.