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Microchip Cat Door

SKU# PPA19-16145

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Your cat is the key to her own cat door. The Microchip Cat Door easily pairs with your cat’s unique 15-digit microchip ID so when she approaches the cat door she can come and go as she pleases.

The Microchip Cat Door only opens when a pet with a programmed microchip walks up to the door, so you won’t have to worry about other animals in the neighborhood wandering into the house. Programming a microchip to the door is quick and easy. You can program up to 40 pets making it great for multi-cat families. If a cat in your family doesn’t have a microchip, they can still use this cat door. Purchase a separate Microchip Cat Door Key and attach it to your cat’s collar. Customize your cat’s access with the 4-way lock on the cat door. Set the door to locked, unlocked, in-only or out-only to keep your favorite feline safe and secure.

Installing this microchip cat flap is a DIY project. You can install the door into most wood, PVC and uPVC doors. If you want to install the door into metal, glass or brick, be sure to pick up a Microchip Installation Adaptor. If you’re hoping to install your new cat door in a wall, you’ll need to purchase a Microchip Cat Door Tunnel Extension since walls are thicker than standard doors. Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Your cat’s 15-digit microchip is the key to the Microchip Cat Door
  • Cat flap only opens for programmed pets keeping unwanted animals out of your home
  • Pets without a microchip can use the pet door with the purchase of a Microchip Cat Door Key
  • Program up to 40 pets to the microchip cat flap
  • 4 locking options let you customize your cat’s access
  • Energy-efficient weather stripping and 2 magnetic locking points
  • DIY installation into most wood, PVC and uPVC doors
  • Microchip Installation Adaptor required when installing the cat door into metal, glass and brick, sold separately
  • Microchip Cat Door Tunnel Extension needed for wall installation, sold separately

More Information

How does the Microchip Cat Door work?

The Microchip Cat Door works by only opening for cats with a programmed microchip or Microchip Cat Door Key. This cat door works with 15-digit microchip numbers and can read all FDX-B, 977 and 985 microchips.

What is an FDX-B microchip?

An FDX-B microchip:

  • Is a 15-digit microchip number
  • Contains numbers only, no letters
  • Read at 134.2 kHz
  • Read by most universal scanners worldwide
  • Is a NCAC approved microchip, only for Canadian Kennel Club registration
  • Required for many travel destinations such as the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia

What microchip brands are compatible with the Microchip Cat Door?

Compatible microchip brands for the Microchip Cat Door are:

  • Datamars / PetLink
  • HomeAgain
  • AVID
  • 24 PetWatch
  • AKC Reunite
  • Banfield

How do I install the Microchip Cat Door?

Visit our support site for more information about how to install the Microchip Cat Door.

System Includes

  • Microchip Cat Door
  • Screws
  • Screw plugs
  • Cutting template
  • Quick start guide

Door Sizing Chart

Caution: Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.