KeepSafe® Break-Away Safety Collars


Product Review: Great safety collars

Review by Anne S. (submitted on February 4, 2016):

My 2 pups were playing when one dogs foot got caught in the others collar. They were wearing steel choke collars. Thankfully they were in the house when it happened and they were so scared and crying and struggling to get free. One could have been strangled to death and the other could have had a severly injured or permanently damaged leg. After that, I took those choke collars off all three of my dogs and put on your KeepSafe collars. I bought 2 in the 3/4" size and one in the 1" size. Thankfully they are safe now from any further things like this happening again.
My only complaint is that I wish your company would make a larger collar (in length) in the 3/8" collar width. The larger width collars seems to rub their neck hair and I've noticed some hair has shortened considerably on their necks. Will you ever make a thinner collar in a longer length for larger dogs?


Thank you for sharing your feedback, Anne! We are so glad to hear that our KeepSafe® Break-Away Safety Collars are working well for your dogs. Please know that your feedback has been passed on to the appropriate parties for research and review. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 1-800-732-2677.