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Indoor Radio Fence®


$89.95 USD

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Teach your dog not to dig through the kitchen trash or jump on the couch with dirty paws using the Indoor Radio Fence®.

This indoor dog and cat fence works with our in-ground fence collars, so your pet can safely play in their secure backyard outside, plus you can protect certain rooms inside your home. Double win! You can use any PetSafe® In-Ground Fence™ receiver collar with this indoor pet barrier (except for our YardMax® collars).

When your pet approaches the off-limits area, they will feel a safe but surprising static correction that will deter them from hanging out in that part of your house. If you want to protect even more areas, you can buy additional indoor pet barriers to place in other rooms throughout your home. If you have more than one pet in your family, they can all learn which areas are off limits. Just make sure they each have their own receiver collar. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


System Includes

  • 1 Indoor Radio Fence®
  • Power adapter
  • Product manual