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Indoor Bark Control, 2-Pack

SKU# PBC00-14661

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Your dog probably thinks he's super helpful when he barks to alert you at any random noise he may hear. Indoor Bark Control can help stop excessive barking by teaching your dog not to bark inside the house, bringing peace and quiet with the ring of the doorbell.

This device uses ultrasonic technology to discourage barking. When your dog barks, the Indoor Bark Control device gives off a high-pitched, annoying tone that most dogs can hear, but humans can’t. With a little practice, your dog will soon learn that he won't hear that ultrasonic tone when he doesn't bark.

The Indoor Bark Control is small and about 3 inches tall so that it can be easily used on a table or hung on a wall or door frame with the included adhesive-backed hooks. Just make sure it's in whichever room your dog barks the most! The Indoor Bark Control works best for families that only have 1 dog because every dog within the range of this device will hear the high-pitched tone, even if they aren't the one who is barking.

You can confidently purchase the Indoor Bark Control with our no-bark promise. If the ultrasonic correction doesn't work for your dog, simply contact us, and we'll help you find the right barking solution for you and your pet. Choose a safe way to keep barking at bay. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Ultrasonic bark control technology teaches your dog to stop barking, no collar required
  • High-frequency noise is heard by most dogs but not humans
  • Microphone detects barking up to 25 ft away
  • Place it on a tabletop or attach it to a wall with the included adhesive-backed hooks
  • Works best in single dog homes
  • Available in 1 and 2 pack size options, purchase extra for more coverage areas
  • Water resistant
  • Uses 2, 3-Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries, included
  • Low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries
  • Measures 2 3/4 in H X 1 3/4 in W X 1 1/4 in D

More Information

Does ultrasonic bark control work for my dog?

It’s possible that some dogs might not respond to ultrasonic bark control. With our No-Bark Promise, we'll help you find the right solution for your dog if he doesn't respond to ultrasonic bark control.

How do I stop my deaf dog from barking?

If you have a dog who is deaf or hard of hearing, this bark control option might not be the best choice for him. Take a look at our Vibration Bark Control Collar for our hearing-impaired pets.

Can I use the Indoor Bark Control to stop my dog from barking outdoors?

No, you cannot use the Indoor Bark Control outdoors. If you’re looking for an ultrasonic outdoor bark control option, consider our Elite Outdoor Bark Control or Outdoor Bark Control options.

System Includes

  • 2 Indoor Bark Control devices
  • 4, 3-Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Training guide