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ScatMat® Indoor Pet Training Mats


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The PetSafe® ScatMat® Indoor Pet Training Mat safely teaches your dog or cat which areas in your home are off-limits. Use the touch-sensitive mat to keep your furry family members off of furniture, out of certain rooms, away from kitchen countertops and more. The battery-operated training mat is simple to use; just place your ScatMat® indoors on or near the area that you want your pet to avoid. When your pet’s paws touch the mat, they will receive a static correction. Three levels of correction allow you to adjust your ScatMat® based on the temperament of your dog or cat. To help you during the training process, a blinking indicator light will let you know how many times your pet has stepped on the ScatMat®. If you need to protect a larger area of your home, simply purchase an additional ScatMat® or ScatMat® Extensions and connect them together.


  • Furniture Protection - Use the mat to train your dog or cat to stay off furniture, countertops and other areas of the home that you want to protect
  • Indoor Use - Use this battery-operated training mat anywhere inside your home
  • Easy to Store - This clear, flexible vinyl mat easily rolls up for easy storage
  • Tools for Training – Blinking indicator light shows how many times your dog or cat steps on the mat and tries to cross the barrier
  • Customizable Correction - The mat features low, medium and high levels of adjustable static correction that will work for any size dog or cat depending on their temperament
  • Protect More Area – Cover and protect larger spaces of your home by combining an additional mat or extensions (sold separately)
  • Mat uses 9-Volt battery (not included)
    Optional ScatMat Power Adaptor (not included) uses AC power instead of 9-Volt batteries

Mat Sizing Chart

Size Dimensions Sample Pet-Free Zones
Sofa 60" x 12" Couches, large furniture, car hoods
Curved 50" x 12" Corners, stairs, trashcans, Christmas trees
Large 48" x 20" Furniture, doorways, closets
Medium 30" x 16" Small areas, corners, furniture
Strip 46" x 3" Counters, ledges, windowsills