Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ 12-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder


Product Review: Doesn't work well with large breed dog food.

Review by Bobby (submitted on July 19, 2017):

We purchased the Healthy Pet Simply Feed PFD00-14574 pet feeder 7 months ago to feed our 70 lbs Lab. This feeder is a great concept and was relatively easy to set up. The first couple of months we had trouble with the major name brand large breed food bottlenecking in the hopper funnel. We went through the process of agitating the food with our hands and then going through the conveyor preparing steps to get the feeder to function properly. We then decided to go through the process of changing the brand of food thinking this would solve the problem. It didn't! I don't think this feeder works well with large breed dog foods. It would be great if PetSafe would make a feeder that works with larger kernels of feed.


We're so sorry that our Simply Feed hasn't been working with the kibble for your Lab. It is worth noting that the feeder does have an automatic agitator that should help prevent such scenarios. From your description, it may help to remove the lid and unlock your button pad. Then, press the ENTER and LEFT buttons at the same time to activate the conveyor. Please check to see if the agitator is moving. If additional troubleshooting is needed, please give us a call at 1-800-732-2677.