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Happy Ride® Safety Harness


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Ride easy knowing your doggie passenger is safely buckled up. The Happy Ride® Safety Harness is certified crash-tested* and easily attaches to your car’s seat belt with the included tether.

To buckle up, just clip the tether to the 2 large back loops, or feed a seatbelt through the same loops. And when it’s time to hop out of the car, just attach your dog’s leash to the D ring connection.

Having a car safety harness for your dog keeps your best friend snugly secure in their seat, and keeps your eyes on the road ahead. This dog safety harness also works well with the Happy Ride® Dog Zipline for a seamless and safe backseat ride.

Your furry traveler deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Certified crash-tested* car safety harness for your dog
  • Fully padded, with a breathable mesh liner to keep your pet comfortable and cool
  • Decreases driver distraction by keeping your dog safely in his seat
  • Attach your dog’s leash to the D ring connection for walking
  • Compatible with the Happy Ride® Dog Zipline

*Please note that the certified crash-tested rating only applies to Happy Ride® Safety Harness sizes small, medium and large. While travel with a safety harness is typically safer, use of the Happy Ride® Safety Harness does not guarantee your pet will be free from injury during a sudden stop or collision.

Harness Sizing


Size A: Chest B: Neck Weight
Small 9-21 in 9-18 in 6-20 lb
Medium 12-24 in 12-24 in 20-50 lb
Large 15-33 in 15-27 in 45-75 lb
X-Large 18-40 in 18-32 in 75-120 lb