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Happy Ride® Mini Dog Ramp

SKU# 16020

$69.95 USD

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The Happy Ride® Mini Dog Ramp gives your dog a boost to the places he loves the most—snuggling with you on the couch or joining you for car rides.

This small dog ramp is perfect for helping dogs get into your sedan or minivan, or onto a couch that is low to the ground. The mini dog ramp is not best to use when assisting dogs into trucks, SUVs or beds because the ramp might be too steep for your dog to use comfortably.

With a high-traction walking surface and side rails, your dog will be able to confidently put one paw in front of the other when walking up or down the ramp. It might take your dog a few times to learn how to use his mini car ramp, but that’s okay! Grab a handful of treats and shower him with praise to help him feel comfortable. Your dog deserves to join you for every nap on the couch or road trip adventure. Trust PetSafe® to help your pet stay healthy, safe and happy.


  • Durable plastic dog ramp perfect for helping dogs into minivans, sedans or onto low-profile furniture
  • Reaches surfaces up to 20 in tall
  • Non-slip, textured walking surfaceand side rails for added safety
  • Supports pets up to 150lb
  • Easy to carry, weighing 8 lb
  • Measures 40 in L x 20 in W x 5 in H
  • Wipeable for easy cleanup 
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed for four-legged friends and not intended for human use

More Information

How do you determine the slope of a dog ramp?

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how steep a dog ramp will be when you’re shopping for one. The Happy Ride® Mini Dog Ramp works best to help pets get onto areas lower to the ground. If you use this ramp to help your dog get onto taller areas, the angle might be too steep for your dog to walk up and down the ramp comfortably.