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Happy Ride® Cargo Area Dog Barrier

SKU# 62358

$26.95 USD

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Enjoy road trips with your best friend while preventing your dog from inviting himself into the passenger seats with the PetSafe® Happy Ride® Cargo Area Dog Barrier. The barrier is made of mesh material that is strong and resilient against prying pet paws. The barrier is easy to install in your car or SUV; simply pop-up the wire frame and use the adjustable straps and support rod to keep the barrier in place during car rides with your furry friend. PetSafe® brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together™.

Formerly Solvit™ brand - Packaging may vary


  • Sized for Cargo Area Seats - This dog barrier fits the cargo area seats in most cars and SUVs
  • Visible - The durable, mesh material allows you to have visibility into the back of the vehicle, yet is resistant to damage from your pet’s nails
  • Simple Setup - Quickly secure the barrier in place using the adjustable straps and support rod
  • Easy-to-Store - The pop-up wire frame easily collapses so you can store it when not in use; the barrier pops open and returns to its natural shape when you are ready to use it again
  • Convenient - The barrier includes a handy storage pouch to hold your best friend’s toys, leashes and poop bags
  • Important Information - While this is a physical barrier, it is not intended to stop determined dogs; training may be required for some pets