Gentle Leader® Headcollar


Product Review: Life Changing!

Review by Jessica (submitted on August 18, 2017):

We have a 125lb insanely strong 10 month old Alaskan Malamute who we adore. For a puppy, he is very well behaved...about 85% of the time that is. Malamutes need a lot of exercise and I loved taking him on walks, until he figured out that he was stronger than me. Since then, it has been a nightmare. Not only would it feel like my shoulder was being ripped out of it's socket, but he also figured out how to get out of every harness we bought him. It would happen so fast! It was too unsafe for me to walk him around our neighborhood, I was afraid he would be hit by a car. A friend recommended the gentle leader and I was skeptical because the groomer uses a muzzle on him and he hates it, so I knew he would not go for this. But since I didn't know what else to do, I decided I would give it go, after checking the return policy of course.

I was right, he hated it. I gave him treats trying to fit it and it was still a chore! Finally I got it fitted and on him correctly and he rolled around and pawed at it trying to get it off but I opened the front door and he got excited! We hadn't been on a walk in a few weeks so as soon as we went outside he forgot it was on.

THIS THING IS AMAZING!!! He doesn't pull AT ALL!! And he can't get out of it. It is such a difference! If it can work for my stubborn puppy I'm certain it can work for any dog! I even feel safe letting the kids walk him now.