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Freedom® Aluminum Doors Flap Mounting Kit


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The Freedom Flap Mounting Kit will work with the Freedom® Aluminum Doors (PPA00-10859, PPA00-10860, PPA00-10861, PPA00-10862). Replace the top flap mount and screws at the top of your door frame. Not sure which size door you have? Count how many screws are in the flap mount in your current door. 3 screws are included with the Small Kit, 4 with the Medium Kit, 5 with the Large Kit, and 6 with the Extra Large Kit.


  • Available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large
  • Comes with a replacement top flap mount and screws
  • Compatible with all PetSafe® Freedom® Aluminum Doors
    • Small - PPA00-10859
    • Medium - PPA00-10860
    • Large - PPA00-10861
    • Extra Large - PPA00-10862

More Information

Not sure which size pet door you have at home? We can help with that! Count how many screws are in the top flap mount in your current door to find out.

- 3 screws = size small

- 4 screws = size medium

- 5 screws = size large

- 6 screws = size extra large

System Includes

  • Flap mounting bracket
  • Screws