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FlexContact Collar Contact Points

SKU# PAC00-12122

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Make sure your dog is extra comfortable when he wears his pet fence receiver collar by upgrading to the FlexContact Collar Contact Points.

These rubber contact points are flexible and move with your dog. Even though the contact points are easily bent, the stainless-steel tips stay in contact with your dog’s skin so he can still feel vibration or static correction. This gives you peace of mind knowing he’ll be safe and secure in his designated play area.

These contact points are compatible with many of our in-ground and wireless fence systems and receiver collars. Your dog deserves a comfy collar upgrade. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


More Information

Will these contact points work with my PetSafe® bark collar or remote training collar?

No, the FlexContact Collar Contact Points are not compatible with our bark collars or remote training products. They are compatible with the receiver collars listed above.

Are these the same contact points that came with my dog’s compatible receiver collar?

No, these contact points are different. These contact points have a rubber base that flexes with your dog when he moves.

Do I need to keep the plastic washers that came with my pet’s collar to install the FlexContact Collar Points?

Yes, keep the plastic washers that came with your dog’s receiver collar. You’ll need those to secure the receiver to the collar strap. This accessory does not come with extra washers, but if you need to purchase more washers, please see our Fencing Collars Accessory Pack.

System Includes

  • 4 FlexContact Collar Contact Points