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In-Ground and Wireless Fences for Dogs and Cats

We offer two types of fences for dogs and cats: in-ground and wireless pet fences.

Wireless cat and dog fence systems create a circular, wireless pet containment system that will securely contain your pet. Some are also portable, so you can take your new containment system with you wherever you go.

In-ground fences allow you to create a secure yard for your pet using buried wires. These underground dog and cat fences are great if you have a large or uniquely-shaped yard.

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Learn more about how fences keep your pet in your yard.

How much wire do I need for an in-ground fence?

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Which is the best dog fence for me? 

Choosing the best containment system for your dog is a big decision. Your dog loves playing off-leash in his yard, and you want to keep him safe so he doesn’t take off and run around the neighborhood. You could build a traditional fence to keep your best friend safe, but that’s not your only option.

Types of Fences for Dogs and Cats

There are two main types of fences for dogs and cats, wireless and in-ground pet fences. Electronic dog fences are a great option if you want to keep your four-legged friend safe without the higher price tag of a physical fence. One perk is that these types of pet fences won’t obstruct your view, so you will be able to see the outdoor areas beyond your yard. Before you decide which is the best for your family, let’s take a closer look at each fence.  

Wireless Dog Fence 

Wireless dog fences are the quickest and easiest pet fence to set up. Just plug the transmitter into an outlet and adjust the boundary area to the size that best fits your yard. Your dog will soon learn their new wireless boundary area with a little training, patience and treats. Wireless fences create a circle-shaped wireless boundary, so keep that in mind when considering this dog fence.

This type of pet containment system has a variety of coverage options starting at a half-acre. If you have a big yard, you can buy additional transmitters and use them together to create the best-sized play area for your pup.

You can also add as many pets as you want to a PetSafe® wireless fence. Just purchase more compatible collars, so every furry family member has their own.

Our Stay & Play® Compact Wireless Fence is our smallest transmitter, so you can conveniently place it in small areas around your home. If your dog is particularly persistent, the Stay & Play® Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs might be the best wireless fence for your dog. This pet fence has a receiver collar with a higher intensity static correction level than other wireless fences we offer.

In-Ground Dog Fence 

In-ground fences for dogs and cats differ from wireless fences because they use buried wire to create a play area for your pet. An underground dog fence is great if you have a uniquely shaped yard since you can create a boundary in its exact size and place you need. You can also twist the wire during installation to reach off-limit areas like the garden or pool. 

If you want to give your dog even more play space, the YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ is great option. With traditional in-ground fences, your dog is corrected before he crosses the boundary wire, but with our YardMax® technology, your dog won’t be corrected until after he steps over the buried wire, which gives him more room to play in his yard.

For the small dog in your family, check out our Deluxe Little Dog In-Ground Fence™. This in-ground dog fence comes with a receiver collar that is just the right size for the little pup in your life.

Your cat doesn’t have to miss outdoor adventures either. We’ve designed an in-ground fence for cats that has a collar designed with a stretch section in case your cat accidentally ends up in a sticky situation.  

Cat and Dog Pet Proofing Barriers

Looking to protect off-limit areas inside and outside of your home? Our Pawz Away® Pet Barriers are compatible with some of our receiver collars so you can keep your dog or cat safe in the yard and from digging in the garden, jumping on countertops, and from eating food out of the trash can.