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Wireless Fence Transmitter

SKU# IF-100

$214.95 USD

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Is your yard larger than a 1/2 acre? We’ve got the extra coverage you need. Use this additional Wireless Fence Transmitter with your Wireless Pet Containment System, Stay & Play® Compact Wireless Fence or Stay & Play® Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs to create a bigger play area for your dog.

Using this extra transmitter with your current wireless fence creates another 1/2-acre circular wireless boundary, so your dog has more room to chase a tennis ball, catch a frisbee and roll on his back in the grass.

What makes this wireless fence transmitter great is that it’s portable too. Pack your current wireless fence and this extra transmitter in your RV when you go camping or bring it with you to the vacation rental, so your best friend has a secure place to play wherever you go. Just make sure that you have an outlet nearby for the transmitter. This transmitter doesn’t come with a receiver collar though, so make sure every pet in your family has their own compatible collar. Your dog deserves extra space for outdoor playtime. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


System Includes

  • Transmitter
  • Power adaptor
  • User guide