Easy Walk® Harness


Product Review: Sadly, they didn't quite work for us.

Review by Jeanette (submitted on September 11, 2017):

I purchased 2 of the Easy Walk harnesses and they seemed to work well, but then they want to loosen up so that my one dog can slip out of hers, plus then they "swing" annoyingly in their faces as they walk. Because they pull back and to the side, recently they both ran after a dog and when they reached the end of their leashes, they both did a flip. My female hurt her neck and is presently on a muscle relaxer and a med for pain. I decided to go back to the old style harness that clips in the middle of their back. The good news is the wonderful customer service that I always get with the Petsafe company! They are sending me 2 leashes at no cost and suggested that I donate the others, so I didn't have to be troubled with sending them back. Thank you so much!


​Hello, Jeannette! We are so sorry to hear of what happened with your dog. While the harness is designed to redirect the dog's motion away from pulling, we would certainly never want this to occur with enough force to cause a flip! We appreciate your feedback though, and will reach out to make sure this is taken care of. If you are in need of assistance immediately, please give us a call at 1-866-738-4379.