Easy Walk® Harness


Product Review: Rubbing behind front legs even after fitting it properly.

Review by Nicole (submitted on July 15, 2017):

Sadly enough, my labrador found this harness to be very uncomfortable. Especially behind the front legs, where the relatively sharp nylon strap will rub near the armpits even after fitting it properly like in the instruction video. I've looked around and found some more comfortable alternatives rather quickly. As for the anti pulling ring on the front: that worked perfectly. As soon as he went and pulled too far ahead, he was pulled sideways by the harness and stopped in his tracks. Not recommending the product as it is now though, as comfort is a big game changer for an active dog that needs long walks.


We're very sorry to hear that the Easy Walk Harness has caused such discomfort for your dog, Nicole! Often, soreness issues can be solved by readjustment of the harness; be sure that, when you look at the harness from the side when it is fitted on your dog, it looks like a sideways 'T' rather than a sideways 'Y'. If it more resembles a 'Y', the harness would require readjustment. We'd be more than happy to assist you with this issue and can be reached at the number 1-866-738-4379.