Easy Walk® Harness


Product Review: Disappointed

Review by Kelly (submitted on September 5, 2017):

I was so excited for these harnesses. I got one for both of my dogs and did not expect them to work like magic like most people say. With that being said, I did have the expectation that they would stay on my dog. I don't know if the harness just doesn't work with the body type my dogs have but we have had four of these harnesses (2 replacements sent from petsafe) and all of them have had the buckles randomly pop open. Even with fitting guidance and pictures sent to petsafe. The most recent time my dog got completely out of the harness and ran up to say hi to a dog-aggressive dog. Luckily the owner had control of his dog while I retrieved mine. My lab also has open sores from the metal loops of the martingale loop rubbing against his chest. Definitely disappointed in the product and weary to buy an petsafe harnesses again.

PetSafe Response

We are sorry to hear you have experienced these issues with the Easy Walk Harness. While it is possible that this is not the best item for your pet, these are not typical issues.

We want you to have a properly working training item for your pets. We have reached out to you directly to better assist you.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 1-866-738-4379.