Easy Walk® Harness


Product Review: AMAZING

Review by Cheryl (submitted on June 23, 2017):

I have a yr old GSD. I got to the point where I would not walk her anymore because of the pulling. I used to wrap the leash around me to keep her by me. Finally gave up, never to walk her again, only to play with her in my back yard, but that wasn't fair to her. Bought the Easy Walk yesterday. Researched it today and hooked her up.....OMG what a difference. I thought I would just walk her up and down the block, but we went for a 2 mile walk. Yes, I did have a lot of treats, and a lot of saying NO, stay by mama, but she never, ever got ahead of me. This product is amazing. You do have to let the dog sniff once in a while, and let them be dogs, but this product does put you in control!!!!!!