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Drinkwell® hy·drate™- Light Blue

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Cats and dogs need lots of fresh water to stay healthy and hydrated. To insure they are getting enough fresh, clean water, try the Drinkwell® hy·drate™, a universal H20 filtration system that works in most pet water bowls.

Hy·drate™ is a fun, affordable way to get your pets to drink more water to help improve their health!


  • Fresh, filtered water in any pet water bowl
  • Water movement increases your pet’s natural instinct to drink more water
  • Quiet, submersible pump for continuous use
  • Powerful mini suction cups keep it in place
  • Meets UL73/CSA – C22.2 No. 68-92 safety standards
  • Includes UL listed low-voltage, Class 2 power supply
  • Activated carbon filter removes chlorine, odor, and small particles

More Information

The hy·drate™ is a healthy way to turn your pet’s ordinary water bowl into an automatic water fountain. Designed to fit in your pet’s favorite bowl, it remains securely in place with small, powerful suction cups. Fresh water continuously circulates through the hy·drate™, stimulating your pet’s natural instinct to drink more. Small sediments, like fur and food particles, are trapped in the filter’s mesh. Activated carbon filters the water to remove chlorine and odors for a cleaner, better taste.

Energy efficient, the hy·drate™ is powered by a quiet, submersible pump with an adjustable flow control. The outer shells are detachable, making it dishwasher safe. One activated charcoal filter is included. Three-pack replacement filters are available separately (PFD17-12905). It is recommended you replace the filter every two to four weeks.

System Includes

  • High-quality submersible pump with low voltage power cord
  • Cord suction cup to neatly attach to bowl
  • 1 Activated carbon filter
  • AC power adapter, low-voltage