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Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain 128 oz Replacement Reservoir

SKU# PAC00-13102

$11.95 USD

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We’ll make sure every dog in your family has plenty of water to drink. Increase your dog’s water fountain capacity by one extra gallon with the PetSafe® Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain Replacement Reservoir.

This replacement part is compatible with your dog’s PetSafe® Drinkwell® Big Dog Pet Fountain. It holds an extra gallon of water and sits on the back of your water fountain on the reservoir base. As your dog drinks from the bowl, the reservoir automatically refills the pet fountain to maintain the water level.

The reservoir makes it super simple to refill your dog’s water fountain. Once it’s empty, remove it from the base and add more water.


  • Compatible with the PetSafe® Drinkwell® Big Dog Pet Fountain
  • 1 gallon (128 oz) capacity
  • Increases capacity of your dog’s fountain
  • Makes refilling your pet’s fountain simple
  • Automatically refills your pet’s fountain to maintain water level
  • Handwash to clean