Drinkwell® Avalon & Pagoda Fountain Activated Carbon Filters (4-Pack)


Product Review: Carbon filter

Review by Kathy (submitted on December 7, 2016):

I have the pagoda fountain. The filter says that it should last about two weeks. Not even close. I have to change it about once a week. I have one cat and I clean the bowl every week. Shouldn't the filter last longer than a week? If I shake it hard enough the charcoal clumps separate and the water runs better. Very frustrating and expensive to keep buying the filters.


We're sorry to hear about the issues you're running into with your fountain, Kathy! While we recommend that the filters be changed about once every two weeks for best results, some factors may affect this lifespan such as hard water or frequency of use. Please keep in mind that the filters are entirely optional and the fountain will operate just fine without them. If you are noticing that they are reducing your water flow, be sure to rinse them thoroughly under a faucet and give them a good shake before initially installing them. This should get rid of any loose bits of charcoal (these are completely harmless, even if ingested) and spread the filter contents out enough to allow water to flow through it properly. If you try this and are still getting low flow, be sure that you are fully disassembling the fountain pump itself for cleaning.

If you continue to experience these issues with the filters, please give us a call at the number 1-866-738-4379 and we would be more than happy to assist you.