Drinkwell® Avalon & Pagoda Fountain Activated Carbon Filters (4-Pack)


Product Review: Blocks water flow in 3 days.

Review by Linda M (submitted on June 22, 2017):

I have 2 Pagoda pet fountains. These filters work great the first day, second day the flow is halved, third day the flow is a silent trickle. My fountain water is clean of any debris or hair & the filter itself is clean also. I have done everything possible to make these filter work, shake, rinse, etc. I do have hard water but most people do, how many people can say they have a softner on their water line? I have concluded the filber material on both ends are too thick & blocks the water flow &/or the carbon must get compacted over 3 days to eventually block flow. Both fountains work great when I remove the carbon filters. This is obviously a design flaw in the filters themselves. This is unfortunate since the carbon filter was one of the reasons I bought these fountains for my dogs & cat. I am postive other people have had the same problem. These filters need to be redesigned, replace the fiber ends to a fine mesh & figure out how to keep the carbon pebbles inside loose.

I have to cancel my monthly subscription of these filters since they make both fountains usless in 3 days of installing. I have gone through 3 nearly new flters & still have a new box left!


Hello Linda! We are terribly sorry to hear about your experience with your Drinkwell Pagoda filters! Sometimes, these little cell filters get a bit compacted and need to be loosened up. Soak them in a cup of water for about 10-15 minutes and then knock them against the counter to break up any large bits of charcoal. Please make sure that the pump is being disassembled and cleaned every one to two weeks for proper functionality.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance by calling 1-866-738-4379.