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Drinkwell® Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain Flow Adjustment Kit

SKU# PAC00-13117

$4.00 USD

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Use the Drinkwell® Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain Flow Adjustment Kit to control the water flow of your pet’s Drinkwell® Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain.

This 2-piece replacement kit includes a filter housing cap and flow control cap that work together to let you adjust how quickly the water flows from your dog or cat’s water fountain. An adjustable water stream is a great feature if you have a pet who’s a little shy. Your pet deserves the best with every sip. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Compatible with Drinkwell® Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain
  • Customize how quickly water flows from your pet’s fountain based on their preferences
  • Replacement parts to repair the flow control and filter housing caps on your pet fountain

System Includes

  • Filter housing cap
  • Flow control cap