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Cat Doors and Dog Doors

Give your pet the independence to come and go with their own perfectly-sized pet door.

We’ll help you find the best cat or dog door for your furry family member. If you’re looking for a pet door for a rental home or apartment, one of our doggie doors for sliding glass doors might be the perfect fit. Or if you need an indoor cat door so you can keep the dog from getting into her litter box, we’ve got you covered.

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Learn about choosing and installing a pet door.

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Are Cat Doors and Dog Doors a Good Idea?

It’s a good idea to install cat door and dog doors for a few reasons. With doggie doors, your dog can go outside for a potty break even when you’re not home, giving you both peace of mind. With a kitty door, your cat can have private access to her cat food while keeping your dog from eating the cat food when you’re not looking. Cat doors also keep the litter box hidden so you won’t have to see (or smell) the litter box, but your cat can still have access to it when it’s time to go.

Pet Doors for Dogs

Pet Doors for Cats

  • Best interior door for your cat - This cute cat-shaped kitty door has as much personality as your cat with whiskers and a cat-tail.
  • Electronic cat door - Uses a key that’s attached to your cat’s collar to open the door when your cat approaches.
  • Microchip cat door - Reads your cat’s RFID microchip so the door only opens for your cat (and not the neighborhood squirrel).

How Do I Install a Dog and Cat Door?

Installing any PetSafe® pet door is a DIY project. Be sure to check the installation guide that came with your pet door for specific details. Most PetSafe® pet doors can be installed into interior doors, exterior doors, and walls. However, if you’re installing a pet door into a thick wall, you may need a pet door extension tunnel. Some of our cat doors can be installed into glass. If you want to install a pet door into glass, be sure to check with a glazier before installation. For more information, please check out our support site.

Are Pet Doors Energy-Efficient?

Some pet doors are energy efficient. For instance, our Extreme Weather Aluminum Pet Door™ is an energy-efficient dog door that blocks 3 times more thermal energy than standard pet doors to help prevent drafts.