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In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar for Cats

SKU# PCF-275-19

$119.95 USD

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Give your cat freedom to explore her yard and give yourself peace of mind knowing she’s safe while wearing her In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar for Cats.

This electronic collar for cats is designed to be comfortable and lightweight. The safe cat collar strap has a special stretch section in case your cat ends up in a sticky situation. Choose between 4 levels of adjustable static correction that help gently remind your cat to stay inside the designated boundary area. The collar also has a tone-only mode that is perfect for training sessions.

Pick up an extra collar (or two) so every cat in your family can safely play outside. The collar is compatible with all PetSafe® In-Ground Fence™ systems except for Yardmax® In-Ground Fence™ systems. It also works with the Indoor Radio Fence, so you can teach your cat which areas indoors are off-limits when she comes back inside after an afternoon filled with adventure. Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


System Includes

  • 1 receiver collar
  • 1 RFA-188 battery
  • Test light tool
  • Product manual