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Current Fountain Pump

SKU# PAC00-13201

$13.95 USD

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The PetSafe® Current Fountain Pump circulates the water in your pet’s fountain, pushing the water through the fountain’s filtration system to keep the water fresh and clean. This pump includes the adaptor and fits easily into your Fountain. It can be used to completely replace your current pump or as a backup pump during cleanings. Regular cleaning of the pump will extend the lifetime of your fountain, ensuring your pet always has fresh, clean water. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Compatibility - Fountain pump with adaptor compatible with PetSafe® Current Fountains
  • Back-Up Pump - Use to replace your current pump or store as a backup
  • Keep Your Pet's Water Clean - Constant water circulation helps prevent bacteria growth
  • Help Extend Pump Life - Disassemble and clean pump every 2 weeks to extend the life of the pump

System Includes

  • Replacement Pump
  • Power adaptor