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Busy Buddy® Rip ’n Tug™ Octopus


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The Busy Buddy Rip ’n Tug™ Octopus toy is great for curious, food-motivated dogs or for playing tug of war. Stuff it with tasty treats or kibble, then you grab one side and your dog grabs the other. Tug until the treats come out! Try it without the tugging- stuff it full and watch them work. The toy is held together with a fastener, so dogs can enjoy ripping apart the toy again and again without breaking it.


  • Extendable plush toy for a great game of tug o' war
  • Treat pouch held together with fabric fastener
  • Holds a variety of kibble and treats
  • Fun source of play and exercise
  • Made of polyester and fabric fastener

More Information

To help your dog understand the game, introduce the toy to your pet in stages. Dogs without experience in working for food, or those who are timid with toys, may need a head start to learn how to find the treat reward in the rip ’n tug. For best results, use a crunchy treat that has a potent smell and avoid treats that are crumbly or soft.

Toy Sizing Chart

Toy Size Pet Size Sample Breeds
Small Under 20 pounds Chihuahua, Beagle, Boston Terrier
Medium/Large Over 20 pounds Border Collie, Bulldog, German Shepherd