6-Volt Battery (2-Pack)


Product Review: Battery life

Review by Lorin (submitted on April 19, 2017):

At first my husband and I loved this collar because it allows our furbaby to roam the yard and not worry about her getting out. My biggest complaint is that the battery does not last long at all. We installed the system and started using it about 2 weeks ago. We started off with the battery that was already on it when we bought it and it barely lasted 2 days. We had a spare that came with the system and it lasted barely a week and a half. When we weren't using the collar we turned the system off and also removed the battery (especially when we left the system on and knew we'd use it later).


We can understand how it would be frustrating to have low battery life in a product, Lorin! Each device uses the battery differently, and we would be happy to offer troubleshooting so that we can help ensure that you get more battery life! We will be reaching out to you privately for further details and assistance.