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3 in 1 Harness


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The PetSafe® 3 in 1 Harness is the perfect all-inclusive harness. Designed for maximum comfort, adjustability and safety, the 3 in 1 Harness is great for everyday use. With different leash attachment options, the 3 in 1 Harness can be used as a standard back clip or a no-pull solution with the front clip option. It also features a car safety restraint option to limit your dog’s movement in the car, creating a safer driving environment for the pet, driver and passengers.


  • No-Pull walking solution with front leash attachment
  • Standard harness with back leash attachment
  • Car safety restraint with seat belt loop
  • Reflective nylon stitching for night visibility
  • Neoprene lined strap padding for comfort
  • 5 points of adjustability

  • Made of nylon

System Includes

  • 3in1 Harness
  • Car control strap
  • Training Guide

Harness Sizing

Download Fitting and Use Guide.

Harness Size Weight Range Girth Measurement Neck Girth Measurement
Extra Small 10-20 lbs. 13-19 inches 9-14 inches
Small 20-35 lbs. 19-24 inches 14-18 inches
Medium 35-65 lbs. 24-34 inches 18-26 inches
Large 65-95 lbs. 29.5-42.5 inches 24-38 inches