2-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder


Product Review: It worked for me, but not immediately, my bad.

Review by Christine (submitted on July 10, 2017):

I have a seventeen year old sweet cat. We are an airline family so we do a lot of short trips because we do not have family near by to take care of our guy. We are just not comfortable with others in our home in our absence.

I tested the feeder and it did not work at first, but soon realized that my expectations did not match how the product actually performs. It did perform like it should over the next two days of testing. As a precaution, before leaving I fed my cat a fresh can of wet food and plenty of kibbles, ( a kibbles only diet upsets his stomach ) and several bowls of water in case the battery did not work, or incase I programed it wrong. When we returned home from our trip, both sections were opened, and he had eaten most of the food out of both sides, and some of the kibbles. ( the wet food that I left him was already moldy looking after two days). I am a happy camper. When not in use, I will maintain the feeder by taking out the battery to keep it from calcifying, and make the $1.50 investment to add a brand new battery every trip we take. I have to add, who leaves a mechanical feeder or water dispenser, without a non-mechanical back-up for a beloved pet? Please, machines always fail when the power source fails. Batteries fail and there may be a power outage because of the weather. The most common reason for failure is human err. It is almost never the machine. And so what if it is the machine, your pet depends on your common sense, so think it through. There is never a smart reason to come home to a pet who was without food or water for days like some of the reviews I have read, when the solution is so simple. My review is that the product works well, the price was reasonable for what the dispenser offers, and it is easy to clean and maintain.