YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™

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YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ maximizes the amount of yard space for your pet to play freely in. Our most reliable and advanced in-ground fence system keeps your pet in your yard with a transmitter and rechargeable collar. You'll bury wires in your yard to set your pet's boundaries. When your pet nears the boundary, the collar will give a warning beep, followed by a static correction to remind your pet to stay within the boundaries. Your pet will be enjoying greater yard freedom in no time!

Key Features

  • Up to 30% more yard for pets to play
  • Unlimited boundary
  • Exclusive ReadyTest and PerfectFit test ensure the receiver collar is ready and working


  • For dogs 5 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • 5 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Automatic safety shut-off: correction stops after 15 seconds
  • Expandable up to 10 acres with additional wire (not included)
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional YardMax receiver collars
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Rechargeable battery (built-in; non-replaceable)
  • Works with 14-20 gauge copper insulated wire
  • Compatible with:
    • Pawz Away™ Indoor Pet Barrier (ZND-1000, ZND-1200)
    • Pawz Away™ Outdoor Pet Barrier (RFA-378, PWF00-11923)
    • Pawz Away™ Mini Pet Barrier (PWF00-14040, PWF00-13665)
    • Pawz Away™ Threshold Pet Barrier (PWF00-14406, RFA-514)

More Information

How It Works

In YardMax Mode, the Warning Zone begins on the other side of the boundary instead of within your yard, giving your pet more yard space. The Boundary Zone continues past the Warning Zone indefinitely, so your pet can't run past the Boundary Zone. Your pet will receive corrections from the collar until he returns to the Pet Area, or until the safety time-out activates after 15 seconds. This helps your pet learn exactly where his boundaries are.

Pet Proofing with YardMax fence + Pawz Away® barriers

When you purchase a YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence, you can get any of our compatible Pawz Away pet proofing barriers for 15% off. You'll get a special promo code in your YardMax Fence package. Not only can you give your pet safe boundaries outside, but now you can also teach your pet to stay away from the couch, counter, or trash inside. You can even keep pets away from the garden or pool outside. It's also great for giving certain pets access to areas while keeping more mischievous ones away. The best part is your pet can wear the same rechargeable collar everywhere. You can relax knowing they're playing safely in the yard or house without getting into trouble.

System Includes

  • Transmitter with mounting hardware and power adapter
  • YardMax rechargeable receiver with adjustable collar fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • Surge protector
  • Receiver collar charger
  • Short and long contact points
  • Operating and training guide
  • 500 feet of 20-gauge boundary wire
  • 50 training flags
  • Waterproof splice capsules and wire nuts
  • Test light tool and contact point wrench

YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™


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I am happy with this device., 10/25/14
It needs a stronger collar for big dogs like the stubborn dog collar and better tips for long hair dogs, I do like extra space it gives my dog to run around.

Saved our dogs., 9/11/14
This fence saved our dogs from certain harm. We have 2 large dogs under 1 year old that are one of the more stubborn breeds with a high tolerance for stimulation (apparently). We tried another brand's wireless fence to avoid the trouble of burying wire. Even set at highest correction with repeated training, plus I trimmed neck hair and made certain probes were in contact with skin. At first, they would give it careful consideration, soon they were completely disregarding it. Our neighbor was intolerant of the dogs coming on his property and was threatening to shoot them. I did not want to leave the dogs tied up all the time, and our property would be very costly to fence. So we decided to try the YardMax. We had heard that in ground would work better than the wireless. We set it up without burying the wire, on about 3 acres. I had 30 days to return it if it didn't work so didn't initially go through the trouble of burying the wire. My dogs had already had repeated training to the flags, so I just did a quick reminder session and later let them loose. Both crossed and pretty immediately came back. One was whimpering, the other stood there a couple seconds getting the stimulation and when I called him, he came back also whimpering a little. Both were set at level 5 out of 6. They stayed in bounds the rest of the day. The next day I put the collars on and set them loose, I was not out supervising and they disappeared for about 2 hours. I was disappointed. I turned up the stimulation to the highest, 6. Since that day, the female has never left the bounds. The male whom is bigger and more stubborn, left a couple more times. He now stays in the boundary, even when another dog or squirrel tempts him. He just figured out it wasn't worth it, I guess. The YardMax has been a lifesaver for my dogs, and eases my mind! Completely worth every cent, in our opinion, and would get it again in a heartbeat.

Outstanding Product (Trianing is the Key), 4/21/14
First off this product does exactly everything they advertise. If you have problems, you simply did not train your dogs properly, or you got a faulty unit (it happens, get over it) and need to contact PetSafe to get it remedied.
This product makes your training corrections consistent.
I have 2 extremely hyper retrievers one is very large and will ignore e-collar corrections occasionally but he does not ignore corrections from the YardMax. I spent 6 weeks training and working with the dogs every day and they WILL NOT cross the line not even for food that is just over the boundary. Not to chase cats, squirrels, UPS, other dogs. They will not come any closer than 4 feet from the boundary.
Good Training is the Key.

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