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I reviewed the pouch earlier and would like to add something.
The clip is made of plastic and seems like it will break soon. It doesn't stay on my belt or pocket too well. The rest of the pouch is REALLY heavy duty and wonderfully made.
The clip should be metal to match the quality of the rest of the product.

This is a GREAT treat pouch. I like the fact that it "pops" closed and open the way it does.
The other pouches that I have use a drawstring opening/closure. They were not easy to close/open quickly and when I bent over most of the treats fell out.
With the PetSafe pouch (Treat Pouch Sport) I can INSTANTLY close it. No more "raining" treats! All of the extra places for different treats, clickers, etc. add to making it a really nice pouch.
My only "gripe" (there is one in every crowd, isn't there) is that the pouch is not offered in different sizes. It would be nice (I think) if it was offered in 1/2 &/or 3/4 sizes of this pouch. This one is really big for what I was looking for. I still would have bought it if I had found it in a brick & mortar store, because of the ease of opening & the VERY quick closure. I use very small treats (his puppy kibble - 2 month old Standard Poodle) so I could carry almost a whole meal in here! I can get my whole fist filled with his food in the opening - no stuck in the cookie jar in this pouch!
Otherwise, I REALLY like the pouch. It is VERY sturdy, just wipe it off if it gets dirty, has the great opening/closure, extra compartments for another type of treats and compartments and places for other "things" (clicker, whistle, even a few dollars and keys). Use your imagination! You can carry LOTS of things in this pouch!
Thank you PetSafe! You carry really nice equipment. (I have used your underground fence for years!)

Works great10/13/14
I'm a dog trainer and I use treats (not all the time) in my training. I was tired of pulling them out of my pocket or holding them all in my hand. This thing works great with its own strap, putting it on your belt, or attaching it to a belt loop with its side hitch. If you are using the strap or your belt, it stays open easy so you don't have to constantly close or open it. It holds a lot of treats and so far has done me well.