Train ‘n Praise™ Potty Training System

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Train ‘n Praise provides an easier way of house training your dog even when you're away. As your dog pees on the replaceable pee pad, the moisture alerts an internal sensor in the pad, which wirelessly transmits a signal to the treat dispenser. The treat dispenser then releases treats/kibble, rewarding your pet for using the pee pad (instead of your floor). Urine is trapped in the leak-proof bottom layer of the pee pad, leaving your floor clean and dry. This effective and practical house training tool teaches your pet where it's okay to use the bathroom.

Key Features

  • Teaches your dog to use a training pee pad with a treat dispenser
  • 6 highly absorbent leak-proof pads
  • On/off switch for longer battery life
  • Pee pads made of 6 layers for extra protection
  • Pad control unit easily attaches and reattaches to new pee pads
  • Optional audible tone lets your dog know a treat is coming
  • Wall-mounted or free standing treat dispenser


  • Handheld remote activates treat dispenser from up to 25 feet away
  • Water-resistant Pad Control Unit
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Works with dry kibble or treats up to 1/2 inch in size (slightly smaller than a dime)

More Information

Basic Housebreaking Steps

Place your dog on the pee pad when he normally has to use the bathroom. The best times are before bedtime, first thing in the morning, and after eating or drinking. When your dog is on the center of the pad, say a cue word such as “Bathroom” and give a treat from your hand.

Next, practice treating your pet with the dispenser. Every time your pet pees on the pad, use the handheld remote to dispense a treat.

Attach the pee pad clip to the pad. Every time your pet pees on the pad, the dispenser will automatically give him a treat. Your dog's potty training can continue even when you're away, for a consistent, effective training experience. Most pets learn quickly in 2-4 weeks to use the pee pad.

How to Teach Your Dog Better Behavior

Once your pet is potty trained, you can use the treat dispenser without the pee pad to teach your dog other commands. Redirect your pet's bad behavior with a command for the behavior you want. The treat dispenser lets you reward your dog for good behavior and easily teach new commands.

Sample Command: Place

  • Place your dog's bed near the dispenser.
  • Use a leash to bring him to the bed.
  • Use the remote to give your dog a treat when he has all 4 paws on the bed.
  • Add the command by saying "Place" and giving a treat when your dog is on the bed.
  • Give your dog the "Place" command to make him go to the bed, then give him a treat.

Training Tips

  • Train 1 dog at a time.
  • Teach your pet 1 new behavior in 10-minute sessions every day for a few weeks.
  • Train when your dog is hungry.
  • Hand feed your dog until he's comfortable with the dispenser.
  • If your dog tries to bite or paw at the dispenser, change his focus to you. When he stops and gives you good behavior, give a treat from the dispenser.

System Includes

  • Treat dispenser
  • Remote transmitter
  • 10 moisture detection pee pads
  • Pee pad clip
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 2 3-volt lithium battery (CR2032)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Product manual

Train ‘n Praise™ Potty Training System


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