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Enjoy safe outdoor quality time with your pet this summer. Originally $349.95, the Stay+Play Wireless Fence is now $299.95 for a limited time. Save $50 now!

A pet-perfect yard is now perfectly easy without expensive fences or buried wires. Keep pets playing safely and happily in your yard and off the street. The sleek in-home unit is tiny and portable (just needs an outlet!). The waterproof, rechargeable collars are our smallest yet. With easy training, custom collar settings, and protection up to ¾ of an acre, the Stay+Play Wireless Fence gives your pet the best in yard freedom.

Key Features

Portable wireless system sets up in 1-2 hours


  • For dogs 5 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6-23 inches
  • 5 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Expand containment size with additional Wireless Transmitters
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses rechargeable battery (built-in; non-replaceable)
  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 acre (210 feet in diameter)
  • Correction stops after 15 seconds
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional wireless receiver collars
  • Also works with the original Wireless Containment System (PIF-300) and Receiver Collar (PIF-275)
  • Part Numbers: 300-1070, 300-1114

More Information

We’ve upgraded the original Wireless Containment System. Our transmitter is 67% smaller, fitting easily in more places. Cover a maximum of 210 feet in diameter or 105 feet in radius, with a minimum of 44 feet in diameter or 22 feet in radius. Plus, you can combine it with additional transmitters to expand your pet’s play area. The collar is now smaller and lighter, fits custom straps, and is rechargeable-- no more buying batteries! It all adds up to a yard filled with more happiness, more safety, and more peace of mind.

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System Includes

  • Wireless transmitter with power adapter
  • Receiver collar with rechargeable battery
  • Test light tool
  • Operating and training guide
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • 2 long contact points
  • Contact point wrench


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Disappointing longevity , 3/29/14
Let me start by saying that when it works, the Petsafe Stay and Play is a simple to use and very effective pet containment system. My problem with this product is that within two years I have had to replace the original collar, the second collar I purchased for our second dog, and now the transmitter is bad. $350 for the system, $110 for the second collar, $220 in replacement collars, and now $200 for a new transmitter if I want a working "fence". Quite frankly I'm reticent to spend the money, as I can not trust the collars to last more than another six months. I had a Petsafe in ground system at my previous home and never had an issue with it, if you are interested in a Petsafe product I would recommend going that route as their wireless system is poorly designed and constructed at best.

Great products and excellent customer service!, 3/26/14
We have used the wireless containment system for a couple of years now and have been very happy with it. We have had an issue with one of the systems but the customer service was fantastic and replaced it. They were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Petsafe products.

It's Fantastic and Better Than The Havahart Radial Fence., 3/25/14
I had been using the Havahart Radial Fence until the collar shorted out. We live near the ocean and have a canal behind us. The dog jumped in the canal last time and fried the old unit out. I bought this unit with some concern. It's been running now for 2 weeks and has been working incredibly well.

In the end we decided that the Play and Stay may be the right solution due to it's simplicity. The collar is a receiver and not a transceiver like other brands. We operate out of a wooden apartment on the second floor WITH a metal roof and the bottom floors are cinder block. There are multiple units like that and the unit works great due to it's simplicity.

The dog wanders around between the block walls and sometimes as much as four block walls are between the controller and collar. I do think that the fact that the top floors are wooden allow a a better penetration of the signal. The boundary is a bit odd shaped but so far there are no dead spots. We also no longer worry about the dog in the canal shorting out the collar. Crocodiles are still an issue. lol.

The plus to this is that since the unit is a receiver only, the battery has had a crazy long life compared to my old wireless collar (transceiver). I was always watching the battery levels on the old one. The boundary itself is a bit looser than I'd like but once the dog hears the warning once, he doesn't really feel like challenging it again for awhile.

We do live in Belize, Central America. It's hot here. I did notice that the controller does throw off some heat. We put the unit up high in the living room but think it's ventilated enough. We don't use air conditioning here. Hopefully the heat doesn't kill the unit.

Anyways, my thanks and a big thank you for a solution that's been vexing us here!

Great Product Except The Battery, 3/16/14
With a new Puppy, combination Jack Russell and Dachshund, Jackshund, bought this system and within 3 days Kelly, @4months old was trained. It has been a pleasure to let Kelly have the run of the yard. We live on @3/4 acre with a golf course fairway behind us. Kelly enjoys watching the golfers come and go. My only issue is the battery replacement. There is none. I cannot understand how a good product could have you force you to spend $130.00 for a battery. That is holding you hostage. You don't know this until you now own it. You already have @ $360.00 invested. A better design would allow for a user to replace the battery w/o having to spend 1/3 of the orginal price.
A better method is to have a replacement program where one would return the collar for a reconditioned one for a nominal fee, $30 -$40?

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear that Kelly is able to enjoy her view of the golf course! Please know that this product does carry a 1 year limited warranty and beyond that we do offer replacement options at a lower cost than retail! If you do have issues with your battery no longer charging, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.

Going from old to new., 3/11/14
I have the original wireless system and have had it for over 10 years and was very happy with it. I'm thinking of up dating my system with the stay n play. I like the fact that it is smaller for traveling, I travel with mine all the time. Like the new features the stay n play has that the original system doesn't have and the collar works with the old and new systems and it's rechargeable.

Life Saver, 3/9/14
We live in the country and have lost several dogs on this road.
People drive wide open around a bend and don't see our dogs until its to late.
I would rather not have a dog if I have to keep them on a leash.
That was until Stay and Play.
Buddy our rescue dog loves being outside in the day and inside at night.
With Stay and Play he can enjoy the out side anytime he wants.
And also with the PetSafe dog door he can come and go as he likes.

The Stay and Play took no time to set-up and for him to learn.
As he has gotten bigger we have had to adjust to his size and corrective response.

Dogs are not just a mans best friend, We are also a dogs best friend.
Thanks PetSafe

Poor, 2/24/14
We have a golden retriever. She is 10 months old and about 70 lbs. When we first put the collar on her we had to set it on the high for it to do any good. During this cold weather, with a full charge, she roams like she doesn't have it on. I checked it with the tester and it seems to work but has no effect on her.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We do apologize that you are having trouble with your Stay + Play Wireless Fence® receiver. If your golden retriever has a long or thick coat, consider using the long contact points to reach through the fur. Also know that it is sometimes necessary to trim the hair around the contact points to make sure that contact is consistent. Long probes can be purchased by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677. You may also want to check our FAQ at the link below for any additional support or contact us for assistance.


Love this Product, 2/8/14
Our puppy was quite the escape artist until we purchased Pet Safe. Our daughter had successfully used Pet Safe for her two larger dogs & third time was certainly a charm. Our Puppy learned within 2 days and sometimes even without his collar now he honors the boundary. He amazes our neighbors which gives us even more reason to compliment your product!
From: Rehoboth Beach, DE

This is a really great product , 12/14/13
A friend got this for our dog's birthday.. I just love it.. she learn how to stay in our yard really fast... it has stop working and I call.. When I call them they was really nice to me and they are going to ship me a new one out... This is a really nice and a great company. The people that work for your company are really nice and they will help you if you have any question. I will tell everyone to get one of your Stay + Play Wireless Fence and tell them how nice you was to me.. Thank You Tabitha Helsley

Outstanding company, 12/8/13
I purchased this product about two years ago for our lab and it worked great on her and didn't take long to train at all (maybe a day). However lightening struck it and I immediately called the company who replaced it in a couple of days at no charge. A year later the collar stopped sending a warning tone when out of the boundary so called the company once again who replaced the collar and base for a small fee even out of warranty. I highly recommend this wireless fence, it works great and the customer service is outstanding.